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    ROOM 1406, Guoxin Investment Building, High Tech Park, Nanshan, Shenzhen, P.R.C.

    E-mail: info-cn@kcipolymer.com




    ADRESS: No.7, Yinhe 2 Road, Qiaotou, Dongguan, Guangdong, P.R.C.

    Tel :+86-769-8800 0733

    Fax:+86-769-8800 0737

About KCI

— Company profile

KCI, It is a high-performance material company that specializes in research and development, production and sales of PBT,PPS, PPA,  PCG and providing color matching services.


 Industry status

For more than 20 years, KCI has enjoyed a high reputation for its quality, innovation and customer service. The high-performance materials of KCI are the main force in the field of high-performance materials. We have rich experience on cooperation and development with our end users and molders in the field of technology and innovation. Our breakthrough material composite technology has brought the reliable solutions to the industry we served.

|  Global Network

As a global supplier, our marketing network covers China, Asia, Europe and the United States as well as other global markets; No matter where are the customers come from, they can get fully support from our creative and professional service. Our modified production line are all around Asia and around the world. We appear in various strategic locations to ensures that we can supply and provide technical support to all global customers, system suppliers and molders timely. In recent years, in order to meet the increasing demand of our customers, we continue to expand the our industrial scale of composite material all around the world.

| Organization

KCI has a professional R&D department and a professional customer service organization. In 2018, we set up a high level production line in in Guangdong, China meet the demand of the customers in the Asia-Pacific , especially for the Greater China's customers at any time and anywhere.

 | Customer Service

As a consultant for our customers, we offer high level customer service, as well as effective technical support and guidance to our customers with our rich product and technical knowledge gained from production and experiment for years.

As an extension of our customer’s workforce, we provide collaborative and valuable engineering approaches for each project.

 We instruct our customer in conduct on-site when having process simulation tests with our technology to simulate the raw materials, methods, and conditions used by customers which could achieve the purpose fastest with the  lowest cost.

• Providing technical knowledge training about color theory, feed operation, process flow, performance technology and other technical knowledge to our  customers.

• Deeply understand and work with our customers to continuously improve the industrial standards and test methed on products.

|  Development History

In 1994, KCI started to study on master batch, we have been at the forefront of innovation since then on.

In 2000, KCI started to produce master batch.

In 2006, KCI offer color matching service to Asia-Pacific.

In 2010, KCI Asia Pacific Division established.

In 2013, KCI established the production line in Malaysia.

In 2016, KCI set up a cooperative production line in Guangzhou.

In 2018, KCI established its first wholly-owned subsidiary in Shenzhen.

In 2019, KCI Dongguan production line has been set up and started to service.

|  Development Vision

Twenty years later, after generations‘ development, KCI's solutions could be seen everywhere which bring excellent polymer products and reliable, professional technical service to global customers. No matter the equipment for spaceflight or toys for kids, KCI's products are widely used in communications, electronic appliances, home appliances, automobiles, and consumable electronic products...

KCI is proud of being able to solve difficult technical problems and provide service which exceeded the expectations. The customized solution offer by us is fully assimilated into customer's business, target and vision which focus on achieving the quality required of each customer. We hope to help our customer to succeed by offering continuous innovation and customized solutions. We make unremitting efforts to make KCI as a leader in high-performance materials solutions supplier.

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