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    ROOM 1406, Guoxin Investment Building, High Tech Park, Nanshan, Shenzhen, P.R.C.

    E-mail: info-cn@kcipolymer.com




    ADRESS: No.7, Yinhe 2 Road, Qiaotou, Dongguan, Guangdong, P.R.C.

    Tel :+86-769-8800 0733

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— Career development


Join Korean Chemical Ind. with Dreams

Are you eager to prove your strength, play your role and realize your value?

As an industrial manufacturing enterprise, the understanding of success and industrial innovation in our culture is to create an efficient and professional team for the future. Therefore, if you are looking forward to a globalized work platform and a more positive working atmosphere, choose Korean Chemical Ind.

Korean Chemical Ind. provides you with career planning:

Clear career development channels: a scientific career development system, to encourage employees to understand the horizontal and vertical career development path, and provide appropriate learning platform to promote the career development of employees.

Key Talents Development Plan

Every year at the beginning of the year, the company reviews and defines the core positions and key talents of the company, and screens and trains the successors of the core positions to form a key talent development plan.

Learning and training

The company encourages employees to improve their knowledge and skills through continuous learning and training, and prepare for future career development. The company combines the resources of global and local groups to provide a variety of on-line and off-line training courses, including core training, personal development skills training, management training and professional skills training, according to the company's business and personal development needs.

We offer professional career advice to you in Korean Chemical Ind..

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