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White Masterbatch Series
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Product overview

Brief Introduction: White Master Series is a high-grade special color masterbatch for blowing film made by Korean chemical Ind. with imported high-quality rutile titanium dioxide, dispersant, lubricant and other advanced processes.

Characteristic: This product has high content of titanium dioxide, and no filler is added except carrier and additive. This product has the characteristics of good whiteness, non-yellowing, non-toxic and tasteless, excellent dispersibility, small proportion of additions and convenient use. This White Masterbatch product conforms to SGS non-toxic certification.

Appearance: Routine 3X 3mm granule, and can produce different granules according to demand.

Usage: This product is specially developed for high covering power film, especially for high-grade film products printed on copper plate, such as high-grade express bags, protective film, composite film and perforated film, etc. It has excellent performance.

Usage: Mix the masterbatch with the raw material, the recommended dosage is 1% - 5% (depending on the specific requirements of the product).

Technical parameters:

Specific gravity 2.05g/m3

Solution finger 12g/10min

Moisture 0.15%

Packaging and storage: 25 kg/bag, paper-plastic composite bag as outer packaging, stored in a dry place.


Classification of color masterbatches:

* According to color: can be divided into white masterbatch, black masterbatch, color masterbatch, etc.

* According to use: can be divided into injection color masterbatch, blown film color masterbatch, spinning color masterbatch, etc.

* According to carrier: ABS color master batch, HIPS color master batch, PE color master batch, PP color master batch, PVC color master batch, EVA color master batch, PA color master batch, etc.

White masterbatch is a new type of polymer composite coloring material, which is made of high proportion of colorant, carrier resin and various additives after good dispersion.

Colorant is the basic component of masterbatch, and its content is generally between 20% and 80%. White masterbatches usually use titanium dioxide, zinc barium white, barium sulfate, zinc sulfide, calcium carbonate as colorants; black masterbatches use carbon black as colorants; color masterbatches use azo pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, quinacridone pigments, iron oxide red, metal powder, pearlescent powder and dyes as colorants.

Resin is the carrier of white masterbatch. It has the properties of heat softening, cooling hardening and no chemical reaction. The colouring agent was evenly distributed in the resin by melt shearing and other processes. In order to ensure the compatibility between the carrier and the colored plastics, the resin of the same kind as the colored plastics is usually chosen as the carrier, which is conducive to the better dispersion of the colorant.

Dispersant is an assistant, which can make the colouring agent disperse evenly in the resin and no longer agglomerate. At present, the commonly used dispersants are polyethylene low molecular wax, stearate, ethylene glycol and so on. According to the use and performance requirements of products, various additives such as antistatic agent, antioxidant, brightener, light stabilizer, foaming agent, antimicrobial agent, extinction agent, flame retardant and so on should be added to the preparation process of color masterbatch, thus giving special functions to plastic products.

White masterbatches can be divided into ordinary color masterbatches and functional color masterbatches according to whether they have special functions or not. Ordinary color masterbatch can satisfy the coloring of plastic products. Functional color masterbatch can also give specific functions to plastic products, such as antistatic, weatherproof, foaming, antimicrobial, extinction, flame retardant and other functions and characteristics.

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