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NMT Material PPA-40 Glass Fiber (GF)
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Product overview

USCON® NMT Material PPA-40 Glass Fiber (GF) of Korean Chemical Ind. is modified by PPA resin. It has excellent comprehensive properties, excellent acid and alkali resistance, good adhesion, environmental protection, low halogen, rich color. It is suitable for mobile phones, laptops and all kinds of metal-plastic bonded products.

PPA plastics in Chinese: high temperature resistant nylon, chemical name is polyphenylene diamide (PPA) resin, is based on terephthalic acid or phthalic acid as raw materials of semi-aromatic polyamides. Both semi-crystalline and non-crystalline, the glass transition temperature is about 255 degree F. Amorphous PPA is mainly used in occasions requiring barrier properties; semi-crystalline PPA resin is mainly used for injection moulding and other melting processes. The latter, semi-crystalline PPA resin, is mainly introduced below, except as specified. The melting point of semi-crystalline PPAS is about 590 degrees F, which is supplied in the form of opaque rectangular slices.

The thermal deformation temperature of PPA is over 300 C, and the continuous use temperature can reach 170 C, which can meet the short-term and long-term thermal performance you need. It has excellent mechanical properties such as strength, hardness, fatigue resistance and creep resistance in wide temperature range and high humidity environment. Toughened grade PPA combines superior toughness with a certain range of hardness and flexibility, one-time rigidity in fasteners, and good choice of flexibility in repeated use.

PPA resin is stronger and harder than aliphatic polyamides such as nylon 6 and 6; less sensitive to water; better thermal properties; and much better creep, fatigue and chemical resistance. For example, PPA resin containing 45% glass staple fiber has a tensile strength of about 276 MPa, a bending modulus of over 1376 MPa, and a hot deformation temperature (HDT) of 549 degrees F. Even with PPA of mineral filler grade, the tensile strength can reach 117 MPa. The ductility of PPA resin is not as good as that of nylon 6,6. However, an unreinforced impact modified grade PPA resin has been developed, with notched cantilever beam impact strength up to 20 feet/pound/inch.

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