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Market application

Material Solution of Automotive Door Handle

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Korea Chemical Ind's High Performance Materials Applied in Automotive Industry

When you are eager to wait for materials, long delivery dates and inflexible supply may hinder your production, leading to costly delays. Korean chemical high performance materials are different from other suppliers in this field. We can give you the speed, quality and flexibility you need.

With our help, you can have existing materials or bring new products to market faster with rapid sample production, rapid production switching and fast and accurate color matching. Our flexibility and on-site technical services will help you achieve more efficient and cost-effective product design goals than other suppliers. Whether you are looking for linear bearings or other thermoplastic components requiring strength and lubrication, we have unlimited formulas to meet your needs.

The science of thermoplastic materials may not be what you are good at, but it is what we are good at. Get the resources you need that you can rely on: expert advice, speed and personalized services. Contact us today to start your custom solution.

Products involved in the automotive industry:

- Structurally Reinforced High Performance Materials

- precoloured resin

- Electrically Active High Performance Materials

- Internal Lubrication High Performance Materials

Professional automotive applications include:

- Bearings (also refer to industrial products)

- Customized Thermoplastic High Performance Materials

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