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Intelligent sweeper solution

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Intelligent sweeper is also called sweeping robot and intelligent cleaning assistant.

In the near future, the intelligent sweeper will become an indispensable cleaning assistant for modern families, just like the white household appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. And the products will also develop from primary intelligence to higher intelligence, gradually replacing the tedious labor such as manual cleaning in modern families. With the continuous improvement of living standards, sweeping robots, which had been used in high-end families or multinational factories, have entered ordinary people's homes and been accepted by more and more people.

Intelligent sweeping robot technology is maturing today, so each brand has different research and development direction, with special design, such as: double vacuum cap, hand-held vacuum cleaner, dust collector can wash and mop the floor function, can release aromatics, or photocatalyst sterilization function. In order to realize the various development and innovation needs of intelligent sweeper, matching materials and color matching schemes are needed. Korean Chemical Industry can provide high-quality materials and color aesthetic solutions.

1. For exterior material, it can provide all kinds of bright colors and grinding surface to avoid wear-resistant baking paint, which is environmentally friendly, beautiful and scratch-resistant.

2. In terms of working noise, the smaller the noise, the better the impact on life. It can provide light and sound-proof materials.

3. From the point of view of the sound and service life of the vacuum motor, materials with good sound insulation, good heat dissipation and heat resistance can be selected.

For intelligent sweeper robots, the effect of different materials is completely different, so the production of a sophisticated material sweeper for consumers, can bring them more comfortable enjoyment and high-quality services.

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