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Intelligent Switch Solution

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Intelligent switch refers to the unit which realizes the intelligent switch control of circuit by using the combination and programming of control board and electronic components. Switch control, also known as BANG-BANG control, is used in many household appliances and lighting fixtures because of its simplicity and ease of implementation. However, conventional switch control can not meet the requirements of further improving control accuracy and energy saving.

In the control cycle of conventional switch control mode, the control quantity is only two states, either on or off for a fixed constant value, or off, and the control quantity is zero, so the fixed and invariable control mode lacks the characteristics of manual switch control.

In the process of manual switching control, people have to choose different switching control strategies according to the error and error trend. For example, in a control cycle T, the output time of the control quantity is adjustable according to the need. Based on human knowledge and experience, according to the actual error variation law and the inertia, pure delay and disturbance of the controlled object (or process), the switching control with different control strategies selected according to a certain mode is called intelligent switching control.

Intelligent switches need excellent insulation, moisture-proof and yellowing. Some switches need decoration of various colors. Korea Chemical Ind.'s high-performance materials and color aesthetic solutions provide unique experience and services for smart switch manufacturers.

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